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Our Goal is to Better the Sport of Bowling in Our Community.


Publicity Report
Men Series Johnny Robishaw Jr SL (20)
Men Game 300 (34)
Women Series Julie Oczepek Sdust (2) 834/823
Women Game Sdust (4) 300
Senior Men Series Ross Beers SL (5) 844
Senior Men Game Ross Beers SL (17) 300
Senior Women Series Lois Holliday FB 695
Senior Women Game Lois Holliday FB 277
Junior Boy Series Tyler Scott 818 (1) CC
Junior Boy Game Seth Gilbert CC 290 (2)
Juinior Girl Series Rebecca Curtis SL685
Junior Girl Game Abby Hare Sdust 276
Kenda Grandy Clite276
Youth Bowlers of the Month
Composite Average Men
Composite Average Women
Bowlers of the Week

Tracy Reynolds +165
John Torres +196

Looking for a complete list of 2016-2017 Bowlers of the Week and Youth Bowlers of the Month?
Click Here

Youth Bowlers of the Month

Kris Polk +116
Rebecca Curtis +145

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Saginaw Team Breaks National Record

Saginaw Team Breaks National Record

From left to right: Bobby Sanch (300), Brian McMahon (299) and Steve Novak (300) broke the 3 Person Team National Record with an 899!

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Date Tournaments & Events Location Info
36th Annual 700 Club Tournament State Lanes Results
04/08/17 Poor Charley Family Bowl
04/15/17 Poor Charley State Lanes
04/22/17 Poor Charley Championship Family Bowl
04/27/17 Adult/Youth Scholarship Tournament State Lanes Final Results
05/09/17 All Stars B's Bowling, Flint
05/11/17 All Stars State Lanes, Saginaw
06/17/17 College Scholarship Golf Outing Sawmill Info
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19th Annual College Scholarship Charity Golf Outing

Saturday, June 17th, 2017 at Sawmill Golf Club

Sponsorship Opportunites Available
  • Tee or Green Sponsor: $75
  • Flag Sponsor: $100
  • Major Sponsor:$200
For More Information Please Call:
  • Mark Sedlar: 989-792-6126
  • Jim Doak: 989-245-8290
  • Dave Treib: 989-781-6829
  • Barry Nelson: 989-751-4404

2016 Youth Scholarship Application Opens in new window
First Year College Students Download
Past Recipients Download
High School Seniors Download

2017 Adult Youth/Scholarship Tournament

Two person (1 adult / 1 youth) format
Team Handicap – 100% from 440
USBC Certified

Held at:
State Lanes
5707 State St.
Saginaw, MI

Operated by:
Saginaw USBC Association
PO Box 5903
Saginaw, MI 48603

Date: Thursday, April 27, 2017, at 6:30 PM
Entries Close: Thursday, April 27, 2017, at 6:30 PM, unless filled earlier.

Format: Three games on the assigned pair of lanes. One adult and one youth will constitute a team.

Awards: All prizes will be returned as YOUTH scholarship points. There is NO PRIZE for the adult members of the teams. Scholarship points will be awarded on a ratio of 1 in 8 entries. The Saginaw USBC will contribute $20.00 per team to the scholarship fund up to a maximum of $500.00.

Cost: $25.00 per team ($10.00 for lineage, $15.00 for the scholarship fund)

Entry form and rules (opens in a new window) Download

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All Star Team

All Star Team Opens in new window
2016 All Star Team Roster Download
All Star Form Download
All Star Rules
** Please note rule changes as of March 2017 **
Regular Women Regular Men
Julie Oczepek 229.41 Johnny Robishaw 236.79
Tracie Page 218.97 Mareono Gonzales 236.18
Jessica Zissler 216.91 Toby Sidle 234.29
Kim Dowis 206.72 Michael Alvarez 228.55
Laurie Harrington 199.82 Andre Gonzales 227.03
Lisa Jimenez-Burkhart 208.25 Aly Williams 226.96
Senior Women Senior Men
Lorita Simon 202.01 Tony Kimble 224.30
Lillie Harrell 201.89 Gerald Little 220.75
Stephanie Jones 200.04 Greg Wilson 219.84
Karen O'Neal 197.70 Richard Kanuszewski 219.46
Nola Levelston 196.24 Timothy Ward 215.78
Jenny Flunder 196.08 Phil Yockey
Super Senior Women Super Senior Men
Ceciel Reed 195.58 Hal Dise 214.58
Nellie Sonsmith 187.89 Clarence Frazier, Jr. 213.51
Rose Stedry 179.16 Paul Martin 212.10
Diana Simpson 176.41 Ross Beers 211.77
Yvonne Outland 173.90 Ronald Robishaw 209.13
Laurell Hales 168.03 Tim Lowrey 220.66
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Hall of Fame

Please check back soon for more information.

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Board of Directors

The Saginaw USBC Association is a voluntary organization and expects its directors to attend board meetings, make league visits, present awards and work events sponsored by the Saginaw USBC. Most events are on weekends, so nominees must be willing to commit the time needed.

Our Goal is to Better the Sport of Bowling in Our Community.

The election of officers and directors will be held at the Membership Meeting of the Saginaw USBC Association. The membership meeting will be held on Wednesday, May 18, 2016, at the Moose Lodge '82' at 7:00pm.

Applications must be received by May 1.

Please click here to download the Application. (opens in a new window)

Click the button below for a listing of the 2016-2017 Saginaw USBC Association Board of Directors with their contact information: Contact

A list of bowlers under suspension from the Saginaw USBC is available here: Suspensions

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